I’m ready for next year—do you think we’ll manage to get Chloe x Halle?

Bwog listened to music (only some of which was during bacchanal):

  • started watching the Zoom recording of Bacchanal…only to end up pausing the video and opening each performer’s Spotify pages because it’s the same thing
  • had too much work, so did bacchanal alone from my bedroom, stone-cold sober. probably should have just skipped
  • got drunk at the lawns during bacchanal, things felt semi-normal for a change
  •  learned how to spell bacchanal
  • got high alone and listened to Fearless (Taylor’s Version)
    • got drunk with friends and listened to Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (this was the next night)
  • skipped bacchanal to go get my free Krispy Kreme donut thanks to my first shot!

Bwog stressed about work (and registration for classes):

  • probably didn’t correctly answer the given prompt for my final CC essay
  • spent 10 hours 3D modeling a mechanical pencil
  • spent too much time thinking about my TA….
  • started a new teaching job :)
  • had to watch a film for class and was so shaken by it i watched it twice (it was kimi no na wa)
  • emails! emails! emails!
  • registered for classes and got an art hum section at a preferred time <3 y’all wish you were me
  • stressed out about an interview and got said position I interviewed for <33
  • registered for uhhh 12 random classes and 0 art or music hum sections

Bwog ate and drank (as usual):

  • drank an entire case of lime La Croix. Bwog is not sponsored.
  • made one large pot of rice and ate it for (almost) every meal over the weekend. gross.
  • remembered the chicken stew that had been sitting in the back of my fridge for 3 weeks, gagged continuously for an hour after throwing it out. I am now haunted by the evil spirit of that bird.
  • baked banana bread at 2am with my roomate
  • had dinner with my friends on campus, reminisced and felt incredibly grateful
  • enjoyed a root beer outside on a bench with a vizsla puppy named rooster

Bwog spent time with loved ones (or… didn’t):

  • only talked to the same four people over Zoom the entire weekend. It definitely felt like an aggressive shock when someone outside this tiny circle texted me because I had gone too deep, but hey
  • walked 8 miles to see my grandma
  • reunited with my dog and took him to statistics via zoom
  • got Rejected (in several ways)
  • started having feelings for a boy. working on stopping that
  • lurked in bwog slack (bwack) for about a week
  • left bwog (nah)

Bwog suffered because we saw the Bwog x Spec Reddit drawing:

  • saw that cursed reddit image today

what could have been via Bwog Archives