i asked, and i’m thankful for the responses… but i’m overwhelmed!

Bwog got to work:

  • turned in a paper i have been struggling with for 3 weeks :))
  • finished a take-home final in a record time of 4 hours (don’t judge; it was in a different language)
  • sniffed lavender in a panicked state to try to feel less anxious about finals (it didn’t help much)
  • picked up my shovel
  • walked to the mine
  • got excited about a final paper, like a Nerd
  • read 16 tons of crap for my seminar
  • spent the whole week waiting for fall course listings to drop only to be massively disappointed when they did

Bwog didn’t get to work:

  • Pondered dropping out of school (again)
  • thought about how much work I have to do in the next couple of weeks. did little to none of it
  • cried about comp sci for three days straight
  • did no work, strike pausing does not fare well for the end-of-term
  • did NO work. none. zilch
  • realised that with the strike going on pause I need to do a lot of things I have not done
  • Did nothing to prep for final papers
  • fell asleep in three different classes on three separate days
  • took many, many naps that i definitely did not have time for

Bwog had some food experiences:

  • went to the farmers’ market at 7:30 am, bought six bunches of bok choy, and walked back out in a daze
  • ate a whole baked potato while driving
  • had a late night picnic in the cold. fully worth it :)
  • ate shrimp for the first time in 10 years. did not enjoy
  • got drunk on a Tuesday
  • got a judgmental comment from my bodega guy when I bought a lime-a-rita and a pack of cookies at midnight on friday
  • ate at dig in for the first time. I get the hype now.
  • got too stressed to think, so I made banana bread
  • went to brunch and realized I am not a brunch person
  • ate nachos
  • discovered the nectar of the gods
  • bought eggs that were cracked, exchanged them, and then when walking out of the store, broke all of them when they slid out of the leg holes in the shopping cart. picked up the netted bag of cracked drippy eggs off the sidewalk and almost cried.

Bwog enjoyed the weather and got philosophical:

  • got drunk on a playground & befriended the stray cat that was vibing in the sandbox
  • saw an old man on the Hudson River in a newsboy cap playing a trumpet surrounded by ducks. 100% river deity
  • spontaneously watched the sunset in the empire state building
  • spent the afternoon outside in a park with my childhood best friend and their 16-year-old dog (!!!) and flew a kite and felt alive
  • walked around riverside park with my best friends. cried because of how happy i was!!
  • walked around Central Park at sunrise
  • remembered the sheer joy of singing in a car
  • regretted having outside-of-class philosophy conversations with a cute boy because they stole all of my mental energy and for what?? i don’t even get credit for this I just don’t know how to flirt… anyway I’m sad

Bwog got vaccinated!!:

  • got vaccinated! (in china!)
  • got my first dose of the vaccine!
  • got the vaccine! We love an Easter miracle!

beautiful shot of riverside via Bwog Archives