I am literally begging someone to take the 47 Claremont suites.

Sophomore housing continued today, and the good options have begun to dwindle. The last singles were taken, as were the last six-person and eight-person suites, leaving a few seven-person suites in 47 Claremont for some lucky groups, one shafted Plimpton suite, and doubles for everybody else.

What’s Gone:

  • All singles
  • All eight-person suites

Barnard Edition:

  • Sulz Tower singles
  • 110 studio singles
  • 110 singles
  • 121 singles
  • 600 singles
  • 616 singles
  • 620 singles
  • CG singles

What’s Scarce:

  • 4 Harmony doubles
  • 6 47 Claremont seven-person suites
  • 2 Nuss doubles
  • 1 shafted Plimpton six-person suite

Barnard Edition:

  • 3 CG doubles
  • 1 Hewitt double
  • 6 620 doubles
  • 6 616 doubles

What’s Left:

A lot of doubles!

  • 33 in Broadway
  • 24 in Carlton Arms
  • 81.5 in Schapiro
  • 23 in Wien
  • 124.5 in McBain

Barnard Edition:

  • 34 Elliot singles
  • 32 Hewitt singles
  • 11 Plimpton singles
  • 34 Elliot doubles
  • 11 Sulz Tower doubles
  • 25 110 doubles
  • 19 600 doubles
  • 12 Plimpton doubles

Looking Ahead: 

With the exception of a few extremely lucky sophomore groups, everyone from here on out will be in a double. However, there’s still decent options for doubles still available, so although those selecting will have to put their dreams of a single on hold until next year, those with decent numbers can still escape the worst dorms.

Barnard Edition:

Seniors finished picking in the 123 lottery and juniors with very high lottery numbers also picked. Congratulations to (what looks like) the one junior who will be in a Sulz Tower single! Sulz Tower went, and from there it seems like singles in suites are the most popular right now. If you are looking for a single in a suite, Plimpton is your only option currently, therefore it will most likely be gone by tomorrow. After that, singles in Hewitt and Elliot will be snatched up along with doubles in suite-style dorms. Thursday finishes up with the rest of the juniors and sophomores with the highest lottery numbers will start their selection at the end of the day.

Claremont from the outside via Bwog Archives.