But wait, there’s more!

The last remaining sophomores attempted to sort through the ashes of still-available housing today, effectively shuffling between the few rooms still open. As of publication, there are 12 beds currently un-filled, which is far less than the number of students still without assigned rooms. Also surprising, several people seemingly gave up rooms that they had already signed up for, as slots appeared where there had previously been none remaining.

What’s gone:

  • The Plimpton 6-person suite, which mysteriously opened back up for a portion of the day before being snatched back up.

What’s scarce:

  • 1 47 Claremont 7-person suite
  • 5 Broadway doubles are half-empty (none are completely empty)
  • 4 Wien doubles are half-empty (again, none are completely empty)

Looking ahead:

Tomorrow is technically the last day of the housing lottery, but given how slim the pickings are, don’t expect much action. Check with Bwog for any confirmation on where the people who haven’t yet gotten housing will be going. In the mean time, our housing Twitter thread and housing reviews are still running.

The ghost of Plimpton via Bwog Archives.