Alternatively, Hotel Bwog-ifornia. 

On a bright lit-up Zoom screen, Bwoggers fill the space

And bright LED lights, flashing to celebrate

Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light

A new face at the Open Meeting as  

You came to stop for the night

There you sat in your bedroom,

 As seen through the Zoom frame 

You wanted to post to the site,

Wanted to achieve new-found Bwogger acclaim 

You raised your virtual hand, and said here is a pitch

Then there were voices in the Zoom chat 

I thought I heard them say…

Welcome to the 9 pm Open Meeting 

Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place)

Such a lovely face

Plenty of room at the 9 pm Open Meeting

Any time of year (Any time of year)

You can find Bwog here

Come to Bwog’s last Open Meeting (aka Hotel Bwog) tonight at 9 pm EDT! Please email for the Zoom link!

Eagles (the band, not the bird) via Wikimedia Commons