Oh, to be one of the lucky ones to make it to Amigos before it closed…

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Alex Siegal, Columbia College, Econ-Poli Sci, Bradenton, FL

Claim to fame: Sending overly wordy emails to way too many people. EIC of the Columbia Political Review, VP of the Columbia Dems, among other things.

Where are you going? Wherever they store the cardboard PrezBo.

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2025?

  1. Don’t get too hung up on academics, no matter how much pressure you feel. Remember that you’re here to meet new people and get connected to a ton of new opportunities. And that your mental health comes first.
  2. If you’re like I was, New York City will be new to you; embrace it. Find excuses that will force you to get outside of the Columbia bubble. (Internships, academic research, exercise, a bucket list, you name it.)
  3. Join, join, join. I made most of my friends in and around student groups. You can whittle down the groups you dedicate your time to later.
  4. Side note: When law school applications come around, Cindy Cogdill in the advising office is a wonderful resource.

“Back in my day…” 1020 didn’t card, Mel’s was overpriced, the 1 train was always delayed—oh, wait.

Favorite Columbia controversy? The Spring 2020 Petition Wars.

What was your favorite class at Columbia? Intro to Environmental Law, China’s Foreign Relations, and Lit Hum with Bianca Calabresi.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Let’s just say I don’t think I would’ve been able to make it all those years without parmesan or mozzarella.

Whom would you like to thank?
Easy! Brianna, Patricia, Maddy, Monique, Alex, Karen, Maria, Michelle, Erin, Maya, Sarah, Jillian, Janine, Stephen, Sophia, Olivia, Rachel, Peyton, Ming, Noah, Luis, Nicu, Rodolfo, Mikel, Alex, Julia, Colman, Elena, Anthony, Andrea, Fiona, Kristian, Teresa, Sila, Francesca, Annie, David, Devan, Eric, Layne, Lebo, Kris, Denver, Davawn, Troy, Zack, Ella, Liz, Gabbi, Sunjae, Ramsay, Martin, Cat, Eva, Brandon, Hailey, Ethan, Olga, Colin, Asatta, Helen, Nia, Henry, Jack, Josue, Katherine, Maria, Berkley, Hailey, Omar, Joseph, Dimitrius, Anamaría, Ariana, Viry, Nic, Kayla, Hattie, Grant, Michael, and Morgan.

One thing to do before graduating: People say this every year, but watch the sunrise over Morningside Park sometime. It really is beautiful.

Any regrets? I will carry this weight on my shoulders for the rest of my life—I never made it to Amigos before it closed.

that classic Columbia Blue gown via Alex