Amy’s senior wisdom includes joining skiteam, joining skiteam, and joining skiteam.

Name, School, Major, Hometown: Amy Huang, Columbia Engineering, Computer Science, West East Setauket, NY.

Claim to fame: Girl on a unicycle, who upgraded to Girl on a scooter the next year

Where are you going? New York, but one day… the PNW

What are 3 things you learned at Columbia and would like to share with the Class of 2025?

  1. If your friend has an extra ticket to Quinn XCII, ditch your schoolwork and go to the concert!! Take breaks, live in the moment, and experience all that life offers you!
  2. Don’t be afraid to go up to someone and just say “HEYYYYY” or “hellooooo.” The more you mean it too, the less awkward it’ll be. & you’ll make a NEW FRIEND! Columbia is full of some really wonderful people, and all it takes is one person saying Hi first! 
  3. The distance from Lerner to Mudd is 0.5 miles! 

“Back in my day…” JJ’s was the place to be after a night out, and the drink of choice was definitely a Mango Slushie with Gummy Bears #MSWGB

Favorite Columbia controversy? That the coffee place in between Furnald and Journalism School is Joe Coffee, not Joe’s Coffee. And the coffee place in the bottom floor of NoCo, is also Joe Coffee, not Joe’s Coffee. Neither are Joe Coffee’s; sometimes they’re referred to as NoCoJo, and JoCoJo, irrespectively. I say Joe’s and the Berenstein Bears are upset!

What was your favorite class at Columbia? Flamenco Dancing at Barnard! Also, any class taught by Lydia Chilton, she is an incredible professor and researcher, and she absolutely DELIVERS every lecture. She’s among the few but amazing female professors in the CS department. I’ve never seen Star Trek, but she loves it too.

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Once I went to an Indian food restaurant for a friend’s birthday, didn’t order a thing because I thought I didn’t like Indian food, then the food arrived, and I tried it for the first time, realized it was really good, and now I’m pretty sure I like Indian food. Maybe that can happen with cheese :O

Whom would you like to thank? anyone and everyone who’s attended a Cooking with Carlton Arms event, Chipotle tacos, my pocket-friends, my suitemates in Carman 903 who brought me #mswgb in a SALAD BOWL for my bday freshman year, Elf the movie, RUFFLES 5 and also RUFFLES 52, special corn, Suite GR8 A, all of my lovely roommates who put up with me flip-flopping which direction of the bed I slept on every other night, Sue the Surprise Lady, and of course all of my parents: my parents, Molly Burke, Clare Chan, Mia, Lancelot, David Kaminsky, and Christina Hill.

One thing to do before graduating: JOIN SKITEAM, JOIN SKITEAM, JOIN SKITEAM.

Any regrets? psshhh YOLO, dueces!

Image via Amy