Kale and lettuce plants have disappeared from the Barnard Community Garden, according to an Instagram story from the Barnard Garden Club.

On Monday, the Barnard Garden Club posted to its Instagram story that “Last week, someone took all of the kale and lettuce out of our raised bed in the Barnard Quad.”

“Taking a few leaves would not have been a problem,” they said, “But whoever took them snipped the entire plants at the bottom of their stalks so regrowth is impossible.”

According to the post, there will be no efforts to police the garden, but they are asking that people “please leave the veggies in the garden.”

Bwog has independently confirmed that there are currently no mature kale or lettuce plants in the garden.

When asked for comment, a representative of the Garden Club said that the Instagram post was meant to “reiterate that we would like our garden to be respected.” They also reaffirmed that they will not police the garden, and that they do not wish to “dwell on what happened.”

It is currently unknown who or what soiled the garden, where the issue stems from, what the root cause is, why the garden was fertile ground for this seedy act, if this is a growing issue, or what romaines in the garden.

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Story screenshots via Barnard Garden Instagram

On-scene photos via Bwog Staff