An email from the Associate Director of Student Engagement offered details on space availability, the reservation process, and more. 

On Monday afternoon, Associate Director of Student Engagement Kyrena Wright sent an email to student organization leaders describing protocols for “safe and memorable gatherings” hosted by student groups this fall. She recommended that students contact their organizations’ advisers with any questions and proposals. She also stated that current University policy may change throughout the semester with respect to pandemic guidelines. Wright’s email is included in full below.

Wright first reminded student group leaders to complete Club ReFuel, a collection of mandatory training sessions, prior to applying to host events. She also provided a link to the Events Management System (EMS), the platform through which students must reserve spaces for events. 

Next, Wright explained which spaces on campus will be available for student groups. Roone Auditorium, located inside Lerner Hall, she said, will not be available for events at all this fall as it will continue to act as a Covid-19 testing and vaccination site. Lerner Black Box, B60, Lerner 555, and Satow, however, will be available. Classrooms, meanwhile, will become available “a few weeks into the semester.” Outdoor bookings for the lawns and College Walk will also be reservable through EMS. Additionally, conference-scale events will be required to remain virtual for the duration of the semester. 

Wright then said that pre-calendaring for events through EMS will last from Thursday, August 5 at 10:00 a.m. EDT to Wednesday, August 18 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. Students should complete the Pre-Calendering Additional Information Form with their requests. Students should also review the visitor guidelines, as heavy restrictions on non-Columbia affiliated speakers and guests will be in place. 

Finally, Wright said that complex events which require an “event review” by University Event Management and Public Safety will not be permitted for the first three weeks of the fall semester. She then warned that if University policy changes mid-semester and necessitates cancellations or alterations of already-scheduled events, student groups must comply and absorb the costs of planning. 

Email from Associate Director Kyrena Wright, sent to student group leaders on Monday, August 2 at 2:48 pm: 

Greetings Student Group Leaders,

We are excited to welcome student group events back to campus! As you prepare to host safe and memorable gatherings, remember that your advisers will assist with your plans and help you to follow University policy, which may change throughout the fall given the on-going pandemic. Contact your adviser soon to discuss your plans and receive their help. If you are unsure of your group adviser, please email, remember to complete Club ReFuel in order to host events. Then, find information below on how to book space, pre-calendaring and event spaces available for your group.

EMS Access

Student groups book events and meeting spaces on the Virtual Events Management System (EMS) platform. Visit the EMS website for more information and to request access if you do not currently have access to your student group account. If you have your student group email address to log in but do not have the password, email the name of the student who needs access to your adviser, who will follow up on your behalf.

Important information about space for Fall 2021

Roone Auditorium will be used as a testing and vaccination site during the fall semester and will be offline. Lerner Black Box (performance groups only), B60 (formally Party Space), Lerner 555 and Satow will be bookable as events-only spaces. Classroom spaces will become available to reserve a few weeks into the semester. Outdoor events on the lawns or tabling on College Walk can be requested through Virtual EMS. No student group conferences, on- or off-campus, will be permitted in the fall. Any scheduled conferences should be planned virtually.

Pre-Calendaring for Fall 2021

Pre-calendaring for Fall 2021 opens on Thursday, August 5 at 10:00 a.m. EDT and concludes on Wednesday, August 18 at 5:00 p.m. EDT Pre-calendaring requests must be submitted through Virtual EMS. Your adviser can best support your pre-calendaring requests if you complete the Pre-Calendaring Additional Information Form by Friday, August 20 at 5:00 p.m. EDT. This form provides your adviser with more details on your events. In many cases, visitors will not be allowed at your events. This includes outside speakers and guest. Learn more by reviewing the Visitor Guidelines for Fall 2021.

Event Planning

If you are thinking about planning an event for the first three weeks of classes, you should reach out to your adviser prior to pre-calendaring to see if an event review is needed. Events during this timeframe that require an event review will not be allowed. An event review is a meeting between the student organization’s leadership and pertinent campus offices, such as University Event Management and Public Safety, for events that an adviser feels has added levels of complexity needing additional coordination and planning. While we know it is exciting to be able to plan student events for the fall, public health and University guidelines and policies may continue to change to ensure the safest practices for our community. Groups must understand that if University policies change during your planning process, you will need to adapt and/or cancel your event if instructed to do so, regardless of the costs associated with the planning. Even as some challenges are before us, we look forward to the vibrant and robust programming you will undoubtedly bring to life as we are finally able to gather together!  

Kyrena Wright
Associate Director of Student Engagement
Undergraduate Student Life

Lerner via Bwog Archives