Good morning class of 2024 and 2025, and I hope you’re settling in nicely! You may or may not have noticed, but living in New York City costs a pretty penny, and it can be overwhelming to navigate the financial waters of college as a semi-new adult. My two best pieces of advice are snag and save! Snag every free opportunity you can, and save as much income as possible.

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Today’s Highlights:

  • Community Roundtable: Managing a Budget from 10 pm to 12 am: Learn how to “adult” as a broke college student with experienced and wise OLs. Trust me, you’re going to need all the wisdom you can get for your first year in NYC!
  • Mr. Softee Truck | 117th St. Barnard Gate from 12 to 2 pm: More free ice cream! With 80º weather and student loans just beginning to accumulate, there is no better time to seek out a cool, refreshing snack at no cost to you. Enjoy!

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Take the ferry! Talk about balling on a budget…for only $2.75, you can essentially get a yacht ride with gorgeous views. The feeling of New York’s ocean breeze against your face on public transportation is a uniquely “city school” experience. I recommend going on any of the ferry routes at sunset!

From The Archives: Bwog Finance: Best Bank Account For College Students and A Columbia First Year’s Guide To Tipping are both excellent resources for two important aspects of money management in college. If you’re paying for meals in a restaurant or services throughout the city, you’ll need to understand tipping expectations, and choosing a bank account can range from mildly confusing to severely frustrating. Use these articles—they truly are gems from the past—to aid you through the process!

stack of coins via Wikimedia Commons