Good morning Barnumbia and welcome class of 2025!!! Whether you’re an eager first-year, a sophomore on campus for the first time since your tour in 10th grade, or a junior/senior who has forgotten what it was like to attend college live and in person, Bwog is here to guide you through making new friends, joining new clubs, and finding your favourite dining hall!

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Today’s Highlights:

  • Installation: “Time Enough” by Allison Costa | Barnard Movement Lab in the Milstein Center from 12 to 5 pm: Allison Costa presents a reflection on time in an interactive creative research project that highlights both Costa’s research and the participants in projected clocks, combining expression through movement and technology.
  • Mr. Softee Truck | 117th St. Barnard Gate from 12 to 2 pm: Grab your random roommate and stop by the Mr. Softee ice cream truck to get FREE ICE CREAM (this is NOT a drill)!

One Thing To Do Before Graduating: Spend a couple of hours walking through Central Park by yourself. Being alone with your thoughts and the sounds of the birds makes you feel like the independent city kid your high school self dreamed of being. You deserve that moment of feeling like you’ve finally found your place.

From The Archives: 2Girls1Snack: Actual Fountains chronicles the journey of two of our bravest staffers as they taste-test the water from various fountains across campus (even pre-COVID, this was a horrible idea).

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