Post-pandemic, NYC’s housing market is a whole different animal.

Happening in the World: Germany’s federal election will take place Sunday. In the meantime, climate activists are speaking out. Greta Thunberg’s speech in Berlin called out political parties’ inactivity. It also urged Berlin citizens to flock to the streets in protest. Friday saw “Fridays for the Future” campaigners in 500 German towns, calling for coal removal and the implementation of renewable energy sources by 2030. They want Germany to fulfill their 2015 Paris Agreement by not letting the global temperature rise above the 2 degrees Celsius mark. Neither the protesting nor the flooding in Western Germany has seen an increase in the Green Party’s polls (BBC).

Happening in the US: Texas is seeing a staggering increase in the number of Haitian migrants; thousands are finding new homes in New York and Miami, but thousands more are being sent back. While the exact numbers may be uncertain, Houston’s community is not. Hundreds of migrants are finding refuge in shelters that provide food, water, and sleeping arrangements: a far cry from the violence and poverty they’ve experienced thus far (NYT).

Happening in NYC: The demand for NYC housing has increased post-pandemic, and brokers are capitalizing on it. They’re charging steep commissions, especially in popular apartment neighborhoods where people will wait hours to see a home that will drain their pockets. In April, broker fees weren’t a widespread requirement of tenants. Now, they’re required for the majority of SoHo and West Village apartment tenants. Most brokers no longer have to show homes either, meaning they can charge steep prices without having met tenants, without having stepped in the building, and without having really contributed to the renting process at all (Gothamist).

Happening in Our Community: The 2021 Visual Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition starts today! The first installment will run from tomorrow until October 16th. Grab free tickets here and come see the inspiring work of twenty-two visual artists.

Manhattan, New York via rawpixel