At least we have an awesome speaker coming tomorrow, right?

Editor’s Warning: Extreme violence and death

Happening in the World: The Taliban hung the dead bodies of four alleged kidnappers in the Afghan city of Herat. The bodies were hung in various public squares around the city. A day before the hangings, a Taliban official said the Taliban would resume executions and other violent acts as punishments. This act comes on the heels of many reports of human rights violations throughout Afghanistan (BBC).

Happening in the US: An Amtrak train derailed in Montana killing at least three people and leaving more than 50 injured. The US National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident (BBC).

Happening in NYC: Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandate that would require vaccinations for more than 150,000 adults working in New York City public schools has been temporarily blocked by a federal appeals court. Review and filing of the case is expected to take place in the coming days (NYT).

Happening in Our Community: While there are no events happening today, be sure to register for “The Devouring of the World and the Climate Crisis”, a lecture by Ailton Krenak, happening tomorrow at 5:30 pm.

Herat, Afghanistan via Wikimedia Commons