This week, ESC is giving the people what they want— sweatshirts, minors, class recordings, and pass/fail classes.

Student Body President Kennedy Salamat (‘23) started off the night by debriefing a meeting held with Dean Chang, Dean Brovman, and Dean Morrison. Salamat spoke with the deans about potential improvements to dining hall access, suggesting lowering traffic through the use of the upstairs level of Ferris, instituting a Chef Mike’s in every hall, and allowing students to leave their ID in the hall to return for more food.

Salamat also mentioned that the deans are encouraging SEAS faculty to record classes, and will potentially make a form where students can report specific professors’ inflexibility, to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

In a meeting with Dean Morrison, Salamat also discussed the creation of new minors for SEAS, such as linguistics, and her idea for expanding pass/fail options for non-major classes was received positively by the Dean.

VP Student Life Matthew Wahl (‘23) held a meeting with the Student Life Committee, where forms were made for ESC’s Free T-Shirt Giveaway Design Challenge for both t-shirts and sweatshirts, in response to student interest in SEAS merchandise following CC’s free sweatshirts. The Student Life Committee is also in the process of getting acceptance packages for a portion of international students from the class of 2024 who did not receive their initial packages last year.

VP Communications Shomik Ghose (‘23) held the first Communications Committee meeting this past week, where members outlined their three primary initiatives: a WikiCU update, an expansion of alumni mentorship, and an expansion of peer mentorship.

Class of 2022 President Estevan Mesa (‘22) announced that a class sweater design is in progress. Mesa will also be having a meeting with the CC Class of 2022 president to discuss class rings.

Class of 2023 President Vish Rao (‘23) will also be having a meeting with the CCSC class council to potentially plan a class formal and a Class of 2023 speed-friending event. Rao is also working on a board game night at Hex & Co, similar to an event held during NSOP.

Transitioning into a more open discussion, Student Health and Wellness Representative Gabe Guo (‘24) proposed changing the campus COVID-19 testing policies to be modeled after those at Barnard and Harvard, involving mandatory weekly testing. To prevent additional pressure on testing center employees, Guo suggested implementing a take-home policy, so that students can administer the tests themselves in any location.

In response to Provost Mary C. Boyce’s email from September 24 announcing that dining halls will continue to be “grab and go” through the end of October, Racial Diversity and Inclusion Representative Malik Hubbard (‘23) closed out the meeting by asking ESC to consider the future logistics of outdoor dining and activities as we enter into months of harsher weather.

Lerner via Bwog Archives