We’re back folks! If you missed the long lines in the dining hall, well, I guess you’re happy now.

Bwog enjoyed human interactions:

  • was approached by more than one stranger on one subway excursion but the end results were surprisingly positive conversations (??)
  • met so many people for the first actual time thanks to zoom school
  • was forced by [redacted] to watch parts of the girlboss cinderella movie
  • got into my first relationship

Bwog became gossip girl:

  • exchanged departmental gossip with my undergraduate adviser
  • saw two freshmen girls having a good old-fashioned fist fight outside 1020.
  • tried getting breakfast from Absolute Bagels three times and gave up all three times because of the line

Bwog listened to some Taylor Swift:

  • cried to last kiss by taylor swift while doing the dishes
  • cried to last kiss by taylor swift while cleaning the bathroom
  • cried to last kiss by taylor swift while taking a walk around the block
  • proceeded to skip every single taylor swift song that came up on shuffle for the rest of the week

Bwog contemplated back to school life:

  • bought over 20 books because i am a comp lit major and god hates me
  • realized I have way too many things I want to do, and not enough time in the world to fit them all in my schedule.
  • contemplated changing my major even though I never declared a major in the first place
  • stepped foot on campus for the first time as a Columbia student!
  • emotionally wasted away over several days of move in

Bwog tried some good food:

  • discovered that I love frozen food (specifically, food meant to be eaten fresh but consumed after freezing)
  • walked a mile to buy a decent deli sandwich because my housemates are all vegetarian, vegan, and/or allergic to fish and I’m a goddamn carnivore (omnivore tbh but that doesn’t sound as fierce)
  • ate a massive slice of Koronet’s pizza and liked it

Bwog did some important stuff:

  • got bedbugs (maybe)
  • got a job
  • went to Dodge Gym and acted like I knew what I was doing
  • had a rough day and simply walked 6+ miles home to my parents’ house without giving anyone a heads up

and Bwog took time to breathe:

  • turned my brain off watching true blood <3
  • spent a collective several hours out on piers over the hudson and east rivers
  • finally got around to star-crossed and proceeded to not be normal for the rest of the weekend
  • wasted all of saturday watching what we do in the shadows

mommy welcoming us back via Bwog Archives