Bwog was going through it this past week—for better or for worse.

Bwog “journeyed” near:

  • Saw a friend from high school who happened to be in my dorm visiting someone else
  • Did my laundry
  • Barely left my building
  • Watched from afar and emotionally reeled as my younger sister moved into her freshman dorm
  • Went for a walk to see the moon at 8 pm, not realizing I was still wearing my pajamas…got strange looks all around
  • Gave myself wicked blisters after attempting to break in leather sneakers
    • Multiple people offered me band-aids in Riverside Park

And far:

  • Did the Broad City challenge and walked all of Manhattan! 
  • Went to Brooklyn
  • Found God and also prints in a print shop
  • Ate sushi from Morton Williams and literally descended to the ether
  • Ate bad halal food and almost threw up at Pier 17 

Bwog got worked up over people and…institutions?:

  • Got yelled at by dining because I wanted food that accommodated my restricted diet, and they refused to put it out for me
  • Fought Amtrak
  • Did not wage battle with CPS, perhaps, but entered tense negotiations and won
  • Stood up to a nightmare date
  • Avoided seeing someone I was dreading
  • Struggled!!! with math

But Bwog also found serenity:

  • Accidentally spent seven hours on a call with my boyfriend—replenished my soul
  • Hung out with my girlfriend; felt content
  • Was overwhelmed by the kindness of the men of Jack’s Art Gallery and Ivy League Stationers (seriously, oh my God)
  • Made graphs
  • Cleaned the bathroom at midnight while listening to girlboss music

And, finally, Bwog cried. Like a lot. Is Bwog okay?:

  • Cried to Lil Nas X
    • Listened to basically nothing but Montero for the whole weekend
  • Saw a dog in a baby carriage and wept!
  • Considered crying

Journeys via Flickr