Not all courses are created equal.

Every semester, Columbia and its affiliated schools unveil a bevy of new classes across their various departments. These courses have been created by faculty and approved by department heads and deans. But not all classes are so lucky; many never get approval somewhere down the line and end up in the dustbin of rejected classes.

Thanks to a series of confidential leaks and other secret data, Bwog has been able to compile a list of these rejected courses and, for the first time, share them with the student body. This list is not comprehensive, and due to the varying way that the information was acquired, some classes have more information with them than others.

Archaeology & Art History

  • Dig: Under the Restaurant
  • 23rd Century Japanese Expressionist Holographic Portraiture


  • Sideways Architecture
  • Introduction to Architecture Through Jenga


  • WASPs, Space, and Gentrification
  • Astrology Seminar


  • Advanced Interplanetary Economics
  • Advanced Hot Takes for Econ Bros


  • Poetry Seminar: Nicki Minaj
    • Course description: for Barbz only.
  • Poetry for Physicists
  • Tolstoy, Toy Story, and Topaz Stonemasonry

Environmental Science

  • Principles of Eggs-and-Omelettes
  • Can Pigs Swim?


  • Cinema History: 1492-1690

Languages & Linguistics

  • Intermediate Piglatin II
  • “Talking Shit”


  • Linear Calculus
  • Algebra III: The Search for Spock


  • Music Performance: Kazoo


  • Immoral Philosophy
  • Making Fun of Ayn Rand

Physical Education

  • Physical Education: Poker
  • Advanced Technique: Jay-Walking

Political Science

  • Advanced Pontificating: Political Science Junior Colloquium
  • Introduction to Human Wrongs


  • Goldfish Psychology
  • Advanced Brain Removal


  • Islam in Pre-Columbian America
  • Introduction to Scientology
    • Instructor: Tom Cruise, visiting professor.
    • Note: Students are not allowed to leave this course once they have registered.


  • The Antisocial World
  • BroSci: Sociology of Columbia Frat Parties
    • Course description: The science of flirting to get in, get a drink, and get out at a frat party

Urban Studies

  • Introduction to Urbane Studies
  • Transferring Subway Lines

Women’s and Gender Studies

  • Dinosaur Sexuality
  • 19th Century Columbia Women
  • Intermediate Feminist Ranting II


  • Tweet Writing Workshop
  • Creative Writing: Extension Emails


  • Unsupervised Senior Research Seminar
  • Comparative Elitism
  • “Tangential Pop Culture Reference:” Words, Run on Sentences, Course Impossible to Abbreviate or Explain to Your Parents
  • Talking for 75 Minutes About Nothing
  • Freedom of Speech and Prez
    • Instructor: Lee Bollinger
    • Course Description: In this small seminar, you get to talk shit about the administration directly to their faces.

CU Directory of Courses screenshot by Sam Seliger