I promise I only took one at move in…

At the check-in tent for NSOP, the EcoReps handed out cotton tote bags – 1 per student. The perfect number of tote bags to have in your dorm room. Or so I thought—until I woke up two weeks later to find two more bags at the foot of my bed. Had a tote bag fairy flown in through my always-open window? Had I been given a gift from the gods for my on-time reading of the Iliad? Was my room haunted? While I have yet to determine which supernatural entity was guarding over me that fateful night, I have been making sure to honor them by not letting their gifts go to waste. Also there’s a fourth bag. I have no memory of finding it. I don’t know when it showed up. Anyway, regardless of how you acquired a whole suite’s worth of tote bags, here are my suggestions on how best to use them:

Replace your pillowcases (very exfoliating)
Play (marathon) Piñata
Carry most of a week’s laundry to the washer
Design a new lighting fixture
Keep your homework organized on the way to the library

Images by Eli Reville