New York City is packed with amazing culture and inspiring art and now with so much of it online for free, there’s never been a better time to experience it first-hand. “Where Art Thou” is a weekly guide to interesting and notable lectures, events, and performances for the literary/musically/theatrically-inclined.


  • The opening night of the Met Opera season will be September 27th at 6:00 pm and will feature the Terence Blanchard adaptation of Charles M. Blow’s celebrated memoir Fire Shut Up in My Bones. The performance can be seen live in the Marcus Garvey Park, live-streamed in Times Square, or on their website from the comfort of your own home!
  • The Chamber Music Society will be hosting violinists Arnaud Sussmann and Aaron Boyd in a tribute to famed musician Jascha Heifetz on September 29th at 7:30 pm.
  • A 1968 recording of the Berliner Philharmoniker performance of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony led by Herbert vow Karajan will be available to stream from Carnegie Hall online beginning October 1st at noon.
  • As a part of Barnard’s Feminist Film Series hosted by the Sloate Media Center, the 2018 film Radium Girls will be screened in Altschul 202 on September 30th at 5:30 pm.

Exhibits and Lectures:

  • The 2021 Visual Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition will be hosted from September 25th to October 16th with gallery visiting hours on Wednesday thru Saturday from 12 to 6 pm in the Lenfest Center.
  • In a centennial celebration of revolutionary artist LeRoy Neiman, a selection of his drawings and prints will be displayed Monday thru Friday from 9 am to 5 pm until October 1st.
  • The Harriman Institute East Central European Center will be hosting a roundtable discussion of contemporary East-Central-European woman writers in honor of National Translation Month online on September 30th from 4 to 6 pm.

The aforementioned night via the Bwarchives