Which bricks on campus stack up?

If your phone has ever died while you’re walking across the Barnumbia campus, you may have been forced to look down at the designs of the bricks to find something to do. While doing so, you may even see some nonstandard brick designs. What can they possibly mean? Stay tuned for the sequel.

The Classic

Who doesn’t like a good zig zag?

The Whirlpool

Not only are all of these bricks going in different directions, but there are also two short ones in the middle!

The Square

Decorative patterns AND some marble? Count me in!

The Tangent

Not only are these bricks tangent to the circle of bricks, but this one pattern is cool because it’s also near some SEAS buildings.

The Curve

Excellent idea to curve the bricks where the paths meet. These are some really sad-looking bricks though.

The Classic, Revisited

Not sure what’s happening here.

Cover image of Bricks via Wikimedia Commons

All other photos were taken by the author