Yeah, so, let’s maybe not throw out fresh produce?

Happening in the World: Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has resigned due to pressure from an ongoing corruption inquiry. The claims made against Kurz state he allegedly used government money to guarantee positive coverage in a tabloid newspaper. Despite stepping down, Kurz will continue in his role as the leader of his conservative ÖVP People’s Party (BBC). 

Happening in the US: The National Football League (NFL) and the Las Vegas Raiders have condemned Raiders coach Jon Gruden. The comes after The Wall Street Journal unearthed an email sent in 2011 in which Gruden used racist, anti-Black imagery to describe the executive director of the NFL Players Association DeMaurice Smith. In a statement to the WSJ, Smith explained that “racism like this comes from the fact that I’m at the same table as they are, and they don’t think someone like me belongs,” (WSJ). 

Happening in NYC: Diana Hernandez Cruz, a Bronx street vendor whose $10,000 worth of produce was confiscated by the NYPD and thrown out by the city Sanitation Department in late September, received a $13,000 donation from activists on Saturday. The donations stemmed from over 180 donors, with Hot 97 radio host Ebro contributing $5,000. On September 23, Hernandez Cruz was issued a citation by the NYPD and members from the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection for not possessing a mobile vendor permit, resulting in the sanitation department throwing out the food. These actions were met with swift backlash from her community—including Mayor Bill de Blasio. Consequently, the City Council has intended to increase the number of additional permits by around 4,000 (Gothamist). 

Happening in Our Community: While there are no events today, be sure to check out a talk with Emily Greble of Vanderbilt University on Monday about her recent book Muslims and the Making of Modern Europe. The event will focus on the idea of citizenship and nation-building for Muslims in Europe, as well as on the role of secularism. The talk will take place October 11 from 12 to 1:30 pm; more information can be found here

the Austrian man in question via Flickr