One of these headlines is not like the others.

Editor’s warning: violence and death.

Happening in the World: A group of American Christian missionaries and their families, totaling 17 people, have been kidnapped in Haiti. According to reports, a group armed with guns took the victims from a bus near Port-Au-Prince. US officials are aware of the reports (NYT).

Happening in the US: The US is offering financial compensation to the family members of 10 people mistakenly killed in a US drone strike in Kabul, Afghanistan in August. Seven of the strike victims were children (BBC).

Happening in NYC: A New York City child has died as a result of COVID-19. This is the first report of a death in a minor from COVID-19 since New York City public schools reopened for in-person learning on September 13. More than 3,500 NYC students have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the start of the school year. All elementary school students remain unvaccinated at this time (Gothamist).

Happening in Our Community: Today is the last day to register for President Bollinger’s 20th Annual Fun Run, Walk, and Roll! More information can be found on the Fun Run dashboard.

Roar-ee getting ready to be absolutely crushed by me in the Fun Run via Columbia University