Lost your vaccine card? Start looking, because you might need to update it again soon.

Editors Warning: violence and death.

Happening in the World: Lebanon has announced today to be a day of mourning after six people and dozens more were injured in a gunfight that occurred during a Beirut protest on Thursday. The victims were said to have been fired on by gunmen on neighboring rooftops as they protested the Beirut port explosion that killed 219 people on August of 2020. Despite the fact that large portions of the city were devastated by the blast no, one has has been held account for the attack, resulting in tensions tensions throughout the city (BBC).

Happening in the US: An advisory panel of the FDA has unanimously voted to recommend Modern booster shots for emergency use authorization. The booster authorization would primarily target those ages 65 and up, people with underlying medical conditions, and workers who are at high risk of exposure to COVID-19. The FDA is expected to make a final ruling concerning the authorization of COVID-19 booster shots in the coming days (NBC).

Happening in NYC: The MTA has been reported to be facing issues regarding COVID-19 safety compliance amongst its employees. While the MTA had previously announced that it will require vaccination proof or weekly COVID-19 of testing of all of its staff, the agency has been criticized for its lack of enforcement by customers and employees alike. As of now, over 35% of the agencies workers remain unvaccinated, resulting in increased concerns amongst public transportation users (Gothamist).

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the mta gets vaccinated via Flickr