This week ESC talked about expanding halal food options and expanding the student body.

The meeting started with several council members sharing their upcoming schedules of meetings with various members of the administration. Student Body President Kennedy Salamat (’23) will be attending a meeting with Deans Chang and Morrison to discuss expansion of the student body. VP Communications Shomik Ghose (‘23) noted that the administration may wish to speak with the student body about expansion plans. Currently, students do not have much information about the university’s expansion ideas, but the administration may begin holding town halls for students soon.

Ghose also led a brief discussion on updating WikiCU. He explained that in the past ESC and Bwog have hosted Wikithon event where students could come and update WikiCU. However, he wondered if more students would be able to attend if the updates had a more open format spread over the course of more time.

Salamat pointed out that an event with free food or other incentives may attract students more successfully than a looser format. The council concluded that they likely will plan a Wikithon.

Towards the end of the meeting, Student Health and Wellness Representative Gabe Guo (‘24) let the council know about a piece of feedback he received from students. Guo was told that students who only eat halal food have been having difficulty finding food on Saturdays. The halal options are in John Jay, but Ferris is the only dining hall open on Saturdays. Salamat plans to raise this concern with Vice President of Facilities Scott Wright at their next meeting.

Lerner via Bwog Archives