This week, GSSC’s agenda included Updates from Meeting with Dean Rosner, Snack Attack Volunteers, and Senior Sweaters Budget Proposal.

As midterms take power on, GSSC has another short meeting. Student Body President, Serengeti Timungwa (GS ‘22), opened the meeting by promising a short meeting this week. 

Vice President of Policy, Kambi Gathesha (GS ‘23), detailed his first meeting with Dean Rosner. They discussed COVID accommodation policy and outlined who is responsible for various mandates. Gathesha hopes to build on this conversation about increasing COVID accommodations in future meetings with Dean Rosner.

Vice President of Communications, Brian Laurito (GS ‘22), announced that GSSC updated their website’s directory with this year’s GSSC members.

There were no updates from the Finance Committee. 

Vice President of Campus Life, Cole Wagner (GS ‘22), called for final volunteers for GSSC’s upcoming event, Snack Attacks. Any GS student can volunteer if they reach out to GSSC. Timungwa explained the importance of volunteers: without volunteers to mage the event, GSSC may lose access to the GS lounge for their events. 

Senior Class Vice President, Nicolas Li (GS ‘22), set forth a motion to allocate $6,000 of GSSC’s $50,000 Senior Event’s Budget to subsidizing senior class sweaters for those who need it. Due to unfortunate circumstances regarding communication between the four schools, GSSC senior representatives were not given much time to organize these subsidies.

That said, the motion passed. Eligible GS seniors can fill out a form to receive a $30 subsidy on the $60 sweaters. The due date for ordering a sweater is October 29th, so GS students can expect an email with more details in the coming days.

Serengeti urged GS students to request to join the Columbia Class of 2022 Facebook page, where GSSC found out about the need for sweaters subsidies to begin with. Serengeti plans to talk to the Facebook group’s admin, who appear to be primarily CC and SEAS students, about accepting GS students since, according to Serengeti, they are often left out. 

Serengeti concluded the General Body Meeting by moving into Executive Session. 

Photo via Bwog Archives