Asymptomatic Barnard students will now get tested at the LeFrak Center, according to an email sent out earlier today. 

Starting tomorrow, November 12, all asymptomatic testing at Barnard will take place at the LeFrak Center, according to an email sent out to Barnard students by COVID-19 Testing Program Manager Nisha Chowdhury earlier this evening. This marks a shift in testing location as, previously, all asymptomatic testing at Barnard occurred at the Altschul Atrium. The email also stated that the testing center will no longer check CoVerified “green screens” as they are already required for building access. The full text of the email can be found below.

The LeFrak Center is located on the ground floor of Barnard Hall, and students are encouraged to enter via the outside north door. However, students who require an entryway without stairs may use the interior doors off of the Barnard Hall lobby.

Chowdhury also reminded students of the option to submit non-Barnard tests to CoVerified so long as the test is PCR (not rapid antigen). At this time, no changes have been made to testing requirements.

Email sent to Barnard students from COVID-19 Testing Program Manager Nisha Chowdhury on Thursday, November 11 at 4:53 pm: 


Happy November! With the change of month (and weather), I wanted to take this moment to inform you of some updates and reminders for testing. 

First, starting Friday, 11/12 all asymptomatic testing will occur in the LeFrak Center (located on the ground floor of Barnard Hall). Please enter via the outside north door located by the wooden tables and chairs outside the Barnard Annex (if you need an entrance that avoids stairs, you may enter via the interior doors). 

Now that the CoVerified “green screen” has been well-established for building access, we no longer will be checking it in the testing center. If you have uploaded your photo into the app, your CoVerified screen may be utilized as a means to confirm your identification with Testing Coordinators when registering your test instead of other photo ID. 

No changes have been made to testing requirements at this time. Please keep in mind that if you are testing after travel or a close contact notification, the recommendation is to test twice weekly for the 14 days following. 

Additionally, please remember that non-Barnard PCR tests may be utilized to fulfill testing requirements. Find information here about submitting a non-Barnard test. Non-Barnard tests must be PCR; please do not upload rapid antigen tests into CoVerified as they will be rejected. You can determine the type of test you took by viewing the lab report in which your test results were shared; PCR tests will generally have language indicating that you took a molecular test (PCR, NAAT, etc.) whereas antigen tests are often indicated via “Ag” in the results. Over-the-counter test kits are almost all antigen; please look at the packaging closely.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns on testing and can’t find the answer in the information sheet for students, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your cooperation and all of your efforts to keep our community safe!


Nisha Chowdhury, MPH

COVID-19 Testing Program Manager, Pandemic Response Team

Barnard via Bwog Archives