Vice Provost Saskia Hamilton and Dean of Academic Planning and Class Advising Holly Tedder notified students of extensions to Barnard’s withdrawal and Pass/D/Fail grading option deadlines today in an email.

In an email to Barnard students today, Vice Provost Saskia Hamilton announced an extension of the deadlines to withdraw from a Fall 2021 course and to elect to Pass/D/Fail for Fall 2021 courses.

The withdrawal deadline for Fall 2021, which was originally November 18, will be extended to December 6, and the deadline to declare the P/D/F option—which also was originally November 18—will be extended to the last day of classes for the semester, December 13. For further information on electing to P/D/F or withdrawing from a course, students can reference the Registrar’s website

Vice Provost Hamilton cited the unusual “stresses of the semester” as the cause for the deadlines’ extension, even with the return to campus and the transition back to an in-person college experience. Columbia College has not yet announced withdrawal and P/D/F extensions for its students, whose withdrawal and Pass/D/Fail election deadlines were also November 18.

The email can be found in its entirety below.

Email from Vice Provost Hamilton to Barnard students on November 23 at 3 pm:

Dear Students,

We are writing to you with an update about withdrawing from or electing P/D/F for Fall 2021 courses. Despite the return to campus and the resumption of many aspects of regular academic and college life, we recognize the stresses of this semester, which continue to be unusual. With that in mind, we are extending the deadline to withdraw from a Fall 2021 course until December 6, 2021, and to elect P/D/F for Fall 2021 courses until the last day of classes (Monday, December 13, 2021).

The policies and procedures for electing a P/D/F or to withdraw from a course are delineated on the Registrar’s website.

We hope you have a good end to the semester and a restful winter break.

Sincerely yours,

Saskia Hamilton

Vice Provost for Academic Programs

Holly Tedder

Dean of Academic Planning and Class Advising

Barnard Gates via Bwarchives