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Bwogline: New York State has recently reported its highest ever COVID-19 positivity rate since January of 2021, indicating that the omicron variant has made its way to the Empire State. In the past three days, positive cases have doubled, prompting NYC major Bill de Blasio to open up new testing sites around the city. As the holidays approach, New Yorkers are encouraged to wear KN-95 masks indoors and avoid large congregations (NBCNY).

Study Tip: Feeling groggy? Never underestimate the power of the power nap! Set your alarm for a 20-minute snooze sesh, and you will wake up feeling wonderfully rejuvenated. Works every single time. Well, if you wake up, that is.

Music of the Day: “Depression Cherry” by Beach House. Go listen to it. Not the song, the whole album. It will make you feel like you are part of a music video montage as you cry through that 12-page essay you still haven’t written.

Procrastination Tip: Have you checked your inbox? Even the spam folder? And what about the Slack channel for that club you joined but never ended up going to their meetings? I bet those are interesting. Go do that.

Overseen/Overheard: “What a rona-coaster.”

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