Solving a crossword puzzle is a fun way to get academic validation without having to, you know, do your assignments.

Bwogline: The Biden administration is planning to make 500 million rapid tests for COVID-19 free in an effort to tackle the new Omicron variant. These 500 million rapid at-home tests will be delivered free to all Americans who request them from January. This increased availability of testing will be accompanied by the opening of new federal testing sites nationwide, with the first in New York City by Christmas. A senior official stated that there will be more vaccines and increased support for hospitals but no need for another lockdown (BBC).

Study Tip: This is a study tip and a procrastination tip—try to separate your “work” space and your “fun” space. If you’re going to take a break, change up your surroundings so that you aren’t watching YouTube videos and solving multivariable calc problems in the same location. Even if you can sit in a different chair or on your bed while relaxing, that’s a good start to separating your “work” time and your “relax” time.

Music of the Day: Despite being a huge Taylor Swift fan, I am very late to have just started listening to the Vault tracks on Red (Taylor’s Version). My two favorites are “The Very First Night” and “Message in a Bottle” for their pop princess vibes.

Procrastination Tip: My current favorite procrastination method is playing crossword puzzles on the New York Times Games site. It makes me feel smart without having to actually engage with “school work” and “final exams.” If you think about it, Columbia paid for us to all get New York Times Games subscriptions—sounds like PrezBo wants me to play just one more Monday puzzle. (Yes, I only play Monday and Tuesday. I’m not a genius.)

Overseen/Overheard: Last week, I was walking home from Butler at midnight and passed this guy walking towards Carman. He was wearing Adidas slides and shorts and was carrying a huge baguette. He had clearly taken several bites from it on the walk back from Westside Market or wherever he got it. Icons only.

crossword via Flickr