Let’s commiserate!!!

Bwogline: In the shadow of a surge in COVID-19 cases, New York Governor Kathy Hochul has opened dozens of vaccination sites throughout the state. Unvaccinated NYC residents can receive the COVID-19 vaccine at pop-up centers throughout the boroughs without an appointment (Gothamist).

Study Tip: Gonna be honest with you—it would be straight-up unethical for me to try to give a study tip. My life this semester has been a cycle of intense procrastination followed by hours of acute, physically-damaging stress. Is this sustainable? No. Do I enjoy it? No. That’s all.

Music of the Day: Resident depression dealer, Phoebe Bridgers recently released a cover of Tom Waits’ Day After Tomorrow. One of the lines goes, “And I miss old Rockford town up by the Wisconsin border.” Look, I don’t know anything about old Rockford town, but I have teared up multiple times thinking about how much I miss it. If you want the catharsis of a good cry without it being linked to your own emotional baggage, listen to Phoebe’s Day After Tomorrow and you can cry over someone else’s emotional baggage!

Procrastination Tip: Here is an actual text I sent before I knew I was writing this:

Overseen/overheard: Walked into what I thought was an empty classroom in Hamilton and was greeted by a guy furiously typing on his laptop with no fewer than 18 cans of LaCroix surrounding him in a neat semicircle. Were they full? Were they empty? Does it matter? Arguably, one can of LaCroix is too many but 18??? Just being in the same room as that many cans of LaCroix would disintegrate the bones of a small Victorian child.

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