What is a girl to do on this dreary day? Something involving nesting, tinctures, and totems all at once, of course.

Bwoglines: Tomorrow, December 19, marks the first Retirement Run of the iconic R-32 subway cars. The R-32 cars, nicknamed the Brighliners, have been in service since the ‘60s, making them some of the oldest operating subway cars in the world. You might recognize them from their dark blue seats, washboard-like exterior, front window, and horrible noise. The cars’ Retirements Runs will be on December 19, December 26, January 2, and January 9 on the D, F, and Q lines. (Gothamist)

Study Tip: Listen to new music when you study. If you’re like me and you desperately need to listen to music while you study, but find your favorite songs too distracting, find an artist you’ve never listened to before or an album you haven’t heard in a while. You basically kill two birds with one stone: you get to study AND broaden your musical horizons.

Music of the Day: Song In My Head by Madison Cunningham. Madison Cunningham is a recent love of mine. (I found her by using my aforementioned study tip!) My dad says she sounds jazzy.

Procrastination Tip: Do everything on the Winter Break Checklist your RA taped to your door. Clean out your fridge. Swiffer your bathroom. Unplug your fans. Then, start packing to go on break. Don’t worry about that 10-page paper you have due tonight or the three-hour exam you have on Monday. Throw everything you own into a giant suitcase and hope it’s not so heavy that you’ll pull a muscle just rolling it around.

Overseen/Overheard: My Co-Star says, “Do: Nesting, Totems, and Tinctures.”

The inside of an R-32 subway car via Wikimedia Commons