Did everyone in your class sit in stunned silence for the last 30 seconds of your course? Did you all erupt in uproarious applause and profusely thank your professor for a great semester? Tell us all about it!

Courses are ending,

Lower temperatures are drawing near.

Our brains into blue books are emptying,

Since finals begins to appear.

It gets to a point, where I’m falling asleep in my seat and

No one knows if we can leave…

Guys, did the professor just say that?

Really. Did they just say that?

Everyone pauses in their seats.

My hands reach for my bag,

(Acrostics are hard.)

Ready to leave.

Kris Kringle would be disappointed in my lack of holiday cheer, but I never have to

See these people again.

(I’m so sorry that my acrostic fell apart, but, you know. Finals.)

This is all to say: send Bwog all the wonderful and/or totally unhinged things your professors say at the end of your courses to tips@bwog.com with “Closing Remarks” in the subject line. We would love to hear them.

Professor preparing to make their class of 15 students cry because of how bad they’ll miss the class via Bwog Archives