Bwog’s tips and tricks for all your studying needs this finals season!

It’s that time of year! As we are all aware, finals are just around the corner, so it’s time to start some serious studying. If you’re struggling with getting into a good studying groove, or if you don’t know where to start, Bwog is here to help with all your studying needs! Here are a few tips to help you be successful in your studying this month.

  • First, a few study music recommendations:
    • For some people, the perfect study soundtrack is something that will help tune out the outside world and just chill. For this, I’d suggest listening not to music, but to grainy recordings of politicians filibustering in the 1940s. Their smooth, mild-mannered, horribly offensive dulcet tones will lull you into a state of utter chill and concentration.
    • If you thrive in chaos, try studying while listening to an endless loop of generic alarm sounds— heightened alertness is key for active studying!
    • Some other go-to study soundtracks include: Tibetan throat singing, the Space Jam soundtrack, all four Twilight audiobooks, anything the Bee Gees recorded after 1980, and Sublime’s “Santeria” on endless repeat.
  • It is key to maintain consistent changes of scenery so that your brain always feels fresh while studying. My personal go-to is to grab a folding chair and sit in the middle of a New York City subway car! Some other options for new and interesting studying venues: the Brooklyn Bridge, the tunnels under campus, the roof of the UN building, a public restroom in Uris Hall, and Staten Island.
  • Alternatively, if you’re studying in your room but you still want to experience some sort of scenery change, rearrange the furniture in your room every 20 to 30 minutes to consistently make it feel like you’re in a whole different place!
  • Incentivization and rewards are important for motivating yourself and reinforcing your success. If you’re working on a practice test, bake yourself a decadent cake every time you get a question correct!
  • Getting in touch with nature can really help clear your mind, and it’s also important to cut off outside distractions while you study, so kill two birds with one stone by camping in Central Park for a week with no Internet and no rations, living off nuts and berries and pond water.
  • If you’re struggling with comprehending a particularly dense book, try tearing all of the pages out of the book, mixing them up, and trying to arrange them back in order! This will really help you get familiarized with the content and continuity of the book.
  • Finally, if you’re the type of person who thrives under pressure, try studying while in line to order at the JJ’s grill!

I hope these tips can ease the burden of your studying over the next few weeks. Good luck and happy finals season!

studying is overwhelming via Pixabay