Attending Bwog’s Open Meeting will have you shouting “Ye!”

In the night I hear ’em talk

The warmest meeting ever known

Where you’ll never be alone

You’ll find your soul and never be so Bwogless

How could you be so Bwogless?

Oh, how could you be so Bwogless?

Why don’t you come to, the Open Meeting at 9 pm, yo 

Just remember to come here with a pitch though

You will need to raise your hand and let us know

I mean Bwog wants to know what you’ve been through

I mean Bwog wants to know what you’re into

Hey yo, offer to cover an event for Bwog

Hey yo, offer to write breaking news for Bwog

And come back next week, so you can write more for Bwog 

So you walk around like you really know Bwog

Bwog is your new friend, but not your only

And in the end, it won’t be lonely

Come to tonight’s Open Meeting at 9 pm and hopefully experience no heartbreak! Please email for the meeting location!

Ye via Flickr