Do you want to study for finals? No? Great! Bwog Staff has the perfect pastime for you. 

Here are some ideas for playlists you can make while you should probably be doing something else. Because it isn’t procrastination if it is somewhat productive, right? …Right? 

  1. Songs with your name on the title

Compile a playlist with songs that mention your name, or nickname, or last name. Feel incredibly seen every time you listen to it. Feel perceived. 

  1. Songs with the same word in the title

Think about your favorite word. Now think about songs that might have that word in the title. Drive yourself crazy. Make a million playlists.

  1. Songs for an ultra-specific mood only you understand

Maybe it’s “I love my friends so much it makes me want to eat dirt.” Maybe, “I’m so angry I might find out I have telekinetic powers by breaking a table with my mind.” Or even “Songs about the new year that remind me of my own mortality while also being incredibly soothing.” It’s your mood! Only you can tell!

  1. Songs that remind you of a specific moment in time

Let the music take you somewhere you’ve been before! Freshman fall. The summer before college. Mid-quarantine. Your favorite birthday. A road trip with your best friends. Take that trip down memory lane!

Where my productivity goes to die via Bwog Staff.