Please I thought we were past this.

Happening in the World: The United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergei Lavrov have met in Geneva to discuss growing concerns about a Russian-led invasion into Ukraine. Russia has denied that it plans to invade Ukraine despite reports that Russian troops continue to trickle into neighboring Belarus. While diplomatic talks are said to continue between the two countries, the United States remains cautious and still has yet to demobilize its European forces. (NYT)

Happening in the US: An American Airlines flight from Miami to London has been forced to turn due to a passenger that refused to comply with the airline’s mask mandate. Passengers on flight AAL38 reported that the woman, who was in her mid-forties, was drinking heavily throughout the short lived flight. Authorities removed the passenger from the plane upon returning to Miami. (BBC)

Happening in NYC: A candlelight vigil will be held today for sixty-one year old Yao Pan Ma, a former dim sum pastry chef who was killed during a racially motivated attack this past spring. Ma spent eight months in the hospital but eventually succumbed to his injuries on New Year’s Eve. The New York Police Department is now investigating his death as a homicide. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Columbia’s Redress and Reconciliation Seminar presents Memory Laws: Global and Local Perspectives in Poland and Beyond. Join panelists Danielle Lucksted, Yifat Gutman, and Aleksandra Gliszczyńska-Grabias as they discuss the global “reconciliation paradigm” in Poland. For more information, click here.

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