To answer the question on all of your minds—yes, there are ducks you can see in the winter time.

Happening in the World: Museums and orchestras in Amsterdam are protesting against COVID policies prohibiting them from opening, unlike the policy for beauty salons. Trainers, hairdressers, and nail technicians can be found working among paintings and orchestras across Amsterdam in support of fellow employees unable to work under these Dutch rules. (BBC)

Happening in the US: André Leon Talley, Vogue’s first Black creative director, died Tuesday at 73. Known for his promotion of diversity in a white-dominated fashion world, Talley worked with designers including Yves Saint Laurent and Paloma Picasso. (NBC)

Happening in NYC: Think the best birds can only be seen in warm weather? Think again! The “good ducks” will be viewable around the five boroughs until early spring, such as Buffleheads, Northern Shovelers, and Hooded Mergansers—see the full list in the source link. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: At 12 pm today, Columbia Maison Francaise will be hosting an online discussion about the link between secularization and climate change. Learn more here.

Song of the Day: “Charmander” by Aminé

Duck. via Wikimedia