Much like Rihanna, you, too, can find love in a hopeless place (Columbia).

As the accumulation of snow rises, so does the desire to be cuffed. Let Bwog help find you your Valentine with our annual Personals service! Simply answer the following questions and email your responses to and submit a landscape photo of yourself (no nudes, please). The deadline is February 6, and we will post your mini profiles the week of Valentine’s day—before you know it, you’ll hopefully have a boo!

In case you don’t believe us, four staffers posted personals last year and are all in a relationship now…this could be you ;).

If you need some inspiration, here are some examples of past Personals. 

The Questions:

Name, Year, School, Major 

Preference (girl for girl, etc)


Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer

What redeems you as a human being?

Library room of choice

Beverage of choice

Which dating apps have you been active on? (be honest)

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night?

Historical Hottie of choice

Personals are due Sunday, February 6 at 11:59 pm EST to

Image via Bwog Archives