To kick off the Spring semester, CCSC members met on Zoom to reflect on what they achieved during Fall 2021, and what they hope to improve upon going forward.

The first CCSC meeting of 2022 was focused on reflection and renewal as members gathered on Zoom to discuss their work last semester and some of their ideas for this semester. After social and E-board updates, class council members went around and each gave a rundown of what they accomplished during the Fall 2021 semester in their respective elected positions. At-large representatives and University Senators also shared some of their responsibilities and achievements of the previous term. 

In continuing with the theme of reflection and renewal, the next portion of the meeting was dedicated to a ‘Task Force Review’, in which task force leaders for the Student Well Being (SWB), Academics Alumni Career (AAC), Financial Accessibility, and a few other task forces reflected on last semester’s accomplishments, including but not limited to the AAC securing the Pass/Fail grading policy. Members also discussed if restructuring the task force model would be more efficient going forward. FGLI Representative Jaine Archambeau (CC ’22) shared that she believes it would be beneficial for task forces to establish set goals to achieve in a certain window of time so that there would be almost guaranteed completion as well as an element of tangibility to the work the task forces do. Agreeing with Archambeau, Brandon Shi (CC ’22) suggested that members of any given task force should have both individual and group projects, which would facilitate some kind of balance in the overall workload, as well as ensure accountability in order for everyone to be able to accomplish their goals. VP Krishna Menon (CC’22) offered that instead of having mandatory participation in certain task forces, it may be worth restructuring the current system so that members can be on task forces that tackle issues that they are especially passionate about. CCSC members finished the conversation by discussing a few options that would allow for more flexibility to the task force participation, though the final arrangement of the task forces going forward is to be determined. 

The reflection part of the meeting concluded with a general ‘Semester Review’ in which CCSC members went around and shared what they did in their task forces, at large, and in their personal projects. Some of the work reflected on included holding study breaks in December, drafting the Pass/Fail grading proposal, LitHum night, and numerous other initiatives and projects that were completed during the Fall 2021 semester or will continue to be worked on this semester. The meeting ended with a brief discussion of the Credit Pending (CP) and outstanding work situation that has trickled into the new year and semester as a result of the longer than anticipated UAW-SWC strike. CCSC members were asked to brainstorm potential solutions to this issue. 

See you next time!

campus via bwog archives