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Student Event Spotlight

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  • On Wednesday, January 19 at 11 am is Pursuing Platform Transparency in 2022. Four experts from civil society discuss the importance of making platform transparency a reality. They currently have an outsized influence on individuals and society at large, yet there’s dangerously little insight into how they operate: Who’s paying for political ads? What content receives the most engagement? Why do platform algorithms behave the way they do?
  • Also on Wednesday, at 12 pm, is Heritability and the Ancestral Present. A conversation between Hillary Chute, preeminent scholar of comics, graphic novels and visual studies, and Elizabeth A. Povinelli on The Inheritance, Povinelli’s graphic memoir a reflection on the powers of imagined geographies, kinship, and history as these cross from the Italian Alps to the American South.
  • On Wednesday at 6 pm is Revolution 6/13. Kendall Thomas and Bernard E. Harcourt read and discuss Familiar Stranger and “Culture, Resistance, and Struggle” by Stuart Hall, and “The Third Reconstruction: Black Nationalism and Race in a Revolutionary America” by Manning Marable.
  • Thursday, January 20 at 12 pm, Mohamad Amer Meziane argues that secularization should be re-conceptualized not only as an imperial and racial but also as an ecological set of processes at Des empires sous la terre: Is There a Secularocene?.
  • On Thursday, at 1 pm, be part of the launch of a multimedia ethnographic project documenting the agency of children in migration. This panel on Children on the Move Across the Americas brings together young community researchers, academics, and documentarians

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