T​​his week’s agenda included the president’s welcome back remarks, the Glass House Rocks event, and the Virtual Game Night announcement.

Welcome back to GSSC coverage! This week totaled in at, what I believe to be a record for the year, only seventeen minutes!

President Serengeti Timungwa (GS ’22) welcomed back GSSC members by congratulating them on their successes of last semester. Looking ahead at the upcoming semester, Timungwa hopes to work with the Policy Committee to address issues with dining, Latin diplomas, and further representation on the Board of Trustees. GSSC is looking for a new VP of this committee as the prior VP chose to step down for personal reasons. Due to the pressing need for this role, the position will only be open to current GSSC members.

VP of Campus life Cole Wagner (GS ‘22) announced that GSSC’s Glass House Rocks event will be happening this year on February 24. Wagner chose to save the details of the event for executive session but promised an exciting event.

If you’re looking to get involved with GSSC events even sooner, look no further than this Thursday! Chief of Campus Life Emily Robinson (GS ‘23) announced that GSSC plans to host a virtual game night this Thursday night. More details are to come, which you can likely find on the GSSC Instagram and Facebook. 

Next week’s meeting will also be on Zoom. I expect there will be news on both Glass House Rocks and possibly the new VP of Policy next week.

GSSC Graphic via Bwog Archives