I don’t know much about zodiac signs, but I do know a lot about crying!

In a small class – Cancer

A water sign, Cancers are highly emotional and intuitive, so crying during an in-depth, small classroom discussion is right up their alley. 

Dodge – Aries

Bold, ambitious, and competitive, Aries like to be the best. Before, after, or during an intense sweat-sesh or basketball game, Dodge gym is the perfect place for this sign to cry. 

Their own room – Taurus

As an earth sign, Tauruses appreciate warmth and relaxation, which can come in the form of a pleasant cry in one’s very own bed: arguably one of the most comfortable places to cry.

JJ’s Place – Libra

Libras crave balance and equilibrium. The chaos of JJ’s (particularly at night) could make any Libra burst into tears: where’s the line? What are people waiting for? Why is the only salad topping available Craisins?

In lecture – Pisces

Pisces are known for being the most sensitive and empathetic sign, so crying in the middle of a large lecture is extremely fitting.

In alma’s lap – Aquarius

Quirky and out-there, Aquariuses are always innovating. Alma’s loving lap is the perfect place for this sign to find comfort whilst maintaining their individuality. 

In the middle of a frat dance floor – Gemini

Spontaneous, quirky, and full of energy, Geminis often like to be the center of attention, and what’s more attention-grabbing than having a meltdown while bopping to Baby Keem at a frat party?

The Stacks – Scorpio

Quiet and mysterious, Scorpios appreciate their alone-time, so a nice nook in the stacks is the perfect place for them to cry.

Sundial – Leo 

Leos are passionate and fierce, and enjoy the spotlight, so the Sundial at the end of Butler Plaza is the optimal spot for this sign to have their moment.

Altschul – Capricorn

Patient, dedicated, and sometimes stubborn, Capricorns will do whatever it takes to get the job done. The notoriously long mail line in Altschul is the ideal location for Capricorns to cry as they wait for hours to receive their package. 

Laundry room – Virgo

Known for being logical and organized, I can imagine a Virgo making the most of their cry-sesh by double-tasking with some laundry. Plus, Virgos don’t like to show their emotional side to others; luckily, the whirring washing machines can easily drown out one’s sobs. 

Beta fraternity bathroom – Sagittarius 

Creative, extroverted, and curious, Sagittariuses will go at great lengths to discover. Beta’s bathroom is full of new things to see and explore, from mysterious liquids on the floor to unknown plasmas in the sink. Plus, the crowded environment fulfills this sign’s need for social interaction. 

Honorable Mentions

Visibly in class, storming out – Scorpio, Leo

Quarantining in their room – Taurus, Scorpio

In Chef Mike’s lap – Gemini, Sagittarius 

The tunnels – Scorpio, Aquarius

During a Barnard fitness class – Aries

The lawn by the philosophy building – Virgo

During Covid testing – Capricorn

Waiting in line for a free mug – Taurus 

Any stairwell – Scorpio 

In Butler – Pisces, Cancer

Someone else’s dorm room – Leo

Cleaning up a frat basement after a party – Virgo, Libra

Gender neutral bathroom – Virgo

At the club fair – Sagittarius, Gemini

Low steps – Pisces, Leo

On the subway – Cancer, Libra, Aquarius 

St. Paul’s chapel – Aquarius 

While taking the swim test – Pisces, Aries

At Koronet – Sagittarius 

While showering – Pisces, Taurus

pouty via bwarchives