For their first meeting back in person, CCSC members exchanged updates and began the appointment process for VP Finance.

CCSC members gathered in the Satow Room for their first in-person meeting of the semester, which began with E-board updates followed by individual updates. Notably, President Rads Mehta (CC‘22) shared that she had a discussion with members of the administration about the possible expansion of the undergraduate student population, and that there will be a meeting regarding whether to go forward with this plan tentatively scheduled for March 29, 2022. Mehta explained that CCSC will be putting out a survey—one that students will be incentivized to take—that will include numerous questions about the current state of dining, housing, class waitlists, health services, etc., and what students perceive will be the effect on those aspects of life should expansion become a reality. VP Krishna Menon (CC ’22) shared that he along with Class of 2022 VP Arya Rao (CC ‘22) are working on a proposal concerning the emergency Pass/Fail grading policy, so that in the future it may become a possibility that the proposal does not need to be renewed every semester or academic year, but rather is automatic. Gender and Sexuality representative Adam Kluge (CC‘22) shared that he is hoping to implement LGBTQ+ town halls to make sure there is a space for the LGBT community to voice their concerns, as well as he would like to establish a more cohesive relationship with the Student Government Association (SGA) and other governing boards of Columbia. 

With regard to individual updates, Cruz Vernon (CC‘25) noted that he will be helping Kluge find a position for someone to aid with LGBTQ+ resources. Other individual updates included University Senator Colby King (CC’23), who shared that there has been a diversity analysis of Columbia over the past ten years, and that there is apparently plenty of room for improvement in that department. Additionally, King shared that there was a first official meeting of the inclusive public safety advisory, which he has not been permitted to share too many details about. University Senator Elliot Hueske (CC’23) shared that in regard to health and wellness, voluntary testing is ending soon but there are continued discussions regarding challenges facing any potential new variants. External to the COVID-19 aspect of health and wellness, Hueske also shared that students have been voicing concerns about housing, citing fungus and mold issues, and a plan is necessary to rectify this issue. There were many other individual updates ranging from recaps of the Valentine’s Day event hosted by the Class of 2024 class council last Monday, to the successful Euphoria watch party hosted by the first year class council last Sunday.

At 8:45 pm, the general body began the VP Finance appointment process in which two candidates gave a speech before the body, which was followed by a five minute question and answer session. The deliberation process—which is closed to the press—followed the speeches.

See you next week!

Low Library via Bwog Archives