This week, ESC’s general body meeting was held in a hybrid format.

Since the university updated its COVID-19 guidelines last week, the council hoped to meet entirely in person this week. However, members requested a hybrid format so they could attend. Moving forward, the council hopes to meet exclusively in person.

The meeting consisted of position updates from several council members.

Student Body President Kennedy Salamat (‘23) met with Dean Mak. They discussed increasing technical interview preparation for students as well as the arrangement of an info session on how to use LinkedIn to network effectively.

Next week, the council hopes to work on a mental health survey. Salamat encouraged council members to come up with a few points that they think should be included in the survey.

Salamat and VP Policy Angel Mancera (‘23) met with Dean Morrison to discuss an updated pass/fail proposal. Current policy allows for pass/fail options in non-technical classes. The council hopes to update the policy so that students can uncover their grades in classes that they take pass/fail. They also talked about the difficulties with offering classes in the summer. Though some students would like to take summer classes, professors are burnt out and want the summers off. Summer classes also create visa complications for international students.

The Senior Class Council is working with CCSC on planning senior events. Last semester, Senior Pub was held outside of EC instead of its usual location in Lerner. This semester, the council hopes to hold the event indoors. If Lerner is not an option, the event might be held at an off-campus location such as The Heights.

Lerner via Bwog Archives