This week, ESC was fully back in person.

The meeting began with a discussion on ideas for the Mental Health Initiative. Council members proposed ideas such as expanding Dodge Fitness Center hours, getting rid of the no guest policy in dorms, and bringing in puppies for students to play with. 

One idea that council members have already discussed with deans is creating a policy to avoid overlapping final projects and finals. This policy may be complicated to achieve, but the council hopes to raise the question on an upcoming survey to see how students would feel about this. Another idea suggested was expanding CPS’s availability. 

The meeting continued with position updates. Student Body President Kennedy Salamat (‘23) reminded the council of upcoming events and initiatives, including Roone Rink this Saturday and the Explore NYC program.

The Class of 2022 Council is looking into a discrepancy in available funds with its advisor. A joint meeting between the senior councils will take place next week, and Lerner Pub will likely occur at the end of this month or the beginning of March.

The Class of 2023 Council is trying to plan a minigolf trip. The Class of 2024 Council is hosting an informational panel with engineering alumni. The Class of 2025 Council hosted a Valentine’s Day candy giveaway with CCSC and is planning a career fair for sometime in April.

Lerner via Bwog Archives