This week’s meeting was short and consisted entirely of position updates.

Student Body President Kennedy Salamat (‘23) began the meeting by noting that she will be meeting with Dean Morrison to discuss a potential pass/fail initiative. VP Policy Angel Mancera (‘23) will be attending these meetings as well.

Next, VP Student Life Matthew Wahl reminded the council of upcoming events including the SEAS Gala, Glass House Rocks, and Explore NYC trips around the city. He also noted that he will be working with representatives from CCSC to run an ice skating event.

VP Communications Shomik Ghose (‘23) will be reaching out the CEAA (Columbia Engineering Alumni Association) to discuss SEAS becoming a part of the Odyssey Mentoring Initiative, which had previously been a CC specific program. He also reminded the council that general body meetings will be held in person beginning next week.

Senior Class President Estevan Mesa (‘22) shared that the class council has been working with CCE to develop content on responding to verbal job offers, responding to rejection, and negotiating salary.

Student Health and Wellness Representative Gabe Guo (‘24) provided the last update of the meeting. He spoke with vegetarian students who wish there were dining hall options that were vegetarian but not vegan.

Lerner via Bwog Archives