This week’s agenda included nominations for open positions, a Glass House Rocks budget proposal, a Valentine’s Day Lounge Party announcement, and more!

Welcome back to GSSC Coverage. President Serengeti Timungwa (GS ’22) kicked off the meeting by thanking the Campus Life Committee for their hard work spearheading merch! Timungwa asked GSSC members to coordinate picking up their merch.

Timungwa then ​​announced new appointments. The E-board has nominated current First-Year Class President Nasser Odetallah (GS ‘25) as Vice President of Policy and Faith Grady (GS ‘24) to fill Odetallah’s role as First-Year Class President. Both nominees presented their plans for the role.

Odetallah explained that he joined GSSC to help GS students feel supported, happy, and proud to be in GS. He aims to truly listen to student concerns so he can better advocate for them; he worked on this last semester with regard to Columbia Dining. He believes that as VP of Policy, his most important job would be to support the current policy committee members in their work, focus on bettering Columbia Dining, implement permanent PDF expansions, give a voice to GS in regards to the expansion of CC and SEAS, lower GS tuition pricing for full-time students, improve Financial Aid, propose a referendum to decide if GSSC should increase the GS Student Life Fee, improve communications with advising deans, work on mental health accommodations through CTS, implement constitutional language for GSSC to make it more accessible, and, finally, focus on a work-study session in NSOP. Odetallah concluded by thanking the Campus Life committee for a wonderful experience and announcing he looks forward to building a similarly great relationship with the Policy Committee. 

Grady shared similar praises about her experience on the Campus Life Committee. Grady began by explaining her plan to transition her work on Community Services and Sustainability to First Year Class President by working to make GS events more sustainable. She looks forward to planning and hosting events. She is proud of the first-year class for their events planned outside of GSSC, such as Picnics in Central Park. She hopes GSSC will be able to host more events for the first-year class. Grady concluded by acknowledging the unique definition of “first-year” at GS; students range from never having stepped foot on a college campus to already having degrees. Grady clarified the difference between “first-year” and “freshman.” She wants everyone to feel welcome and spread awareness that events are open to anyone who considers themself a first-year.

In addition to these new appointments, Timungwa announced a proposed subcommittee on the implementation of student trustees on the Board of Trustees. The subcommittee would still work under the Policy Committee, but Timungwa believes that creating a subcommittee would be the best way for the Policy Committee to work on this. GSSC voted in New Business, and the proposal passed with 23 in favor, and two against. 

Timungwa concluded her opening remarks by announcing an upcoming Administrative Town Hall with administrators, including Dean Rosen-Metsch. The town hall will allow students to ask questions, better understand administration, and open up the floor for suggestions. GSSC members and GS students alike can submit questions. GSSC has not decided yet on a date, as it will depend on Deans’ schedules.

Next, the Campus Life Committee announced that they have completed a rough schedule for the coming semester. One of these events includes Glass House Rocks, which will require a budget of $7,500. Another one of these events will be a Valentine’s Day Lounge Party Announcement with a budget of $1,000. The Party will include organized activities, sweet treats, speed meeting/dating. Both of these motions for budget passed. 

Next week, I expect GSSC to discuss the new subcommittee more, as well as reveal more about the secrets of upcoming events.

GSSC Header via Bwog Archives