Mayor Eric Adams lays out a plan for an increase in doulas to combat NYC’s maternal mortality disparities.

Happening in the World: In his nightly address on Wednesday night, Ukraine’s President Zelensky has asked for people to globally partake in protests against Russia’s actions. Zelensky emphasized that Russia’s actions are a threat to people’s global freedom. Zelensky’s plea comes before an emergency NATO summit set to take place in Brussels, one month after Russia’s invasion began. US President Joe Biden will attend the meeting. (BBC)

Happening in the US: Senate confirmation hearings continued for Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Wednesday, the last day for questioning. In an effort to paint Judge Jackson as soft on crime, Republicans focused on her past sentencing decisions in her work as a judge, while Democrats emphasized Judge Jackson’s qualifications to hold the position of a Supreme Court justice. Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee will listen to experts in support for or against her nomination. (NYT)

Happening in NYC: Mayor Eric Adams is looking to increase the number of trained doulas and midwives in the city to combat the disparities in maternal health and infant mortality. According to the plan announced on Wednesday, the city is working to train 50 new doulas and certify 70 midwives to be available to 550 families by the end of June. The free doula services will mostly be aimed at first-time parents with low incomes. (Gothamist)

Happening in Our Community: Columbia MFA student John Thomas Levee will be hosting an online session in field recording and the history of audio recording and electronic music in an online event on Zoom. The lecture will discuss techniques for field recording and show examples of field recording work. Register to attend.

Pacifier on a table via Wikimedia Commons