During their first General body meeting after Spring Break, CCSC mulls over the VP Equity proposal and discusses last-minute suggestions for the expansion survey.

While what was perhaps the wildest Oscars ceremony in history got underway in Hollywood, CCSC began their first G-body meeting since Spring Break with E-board updates in the Satow Room. President Mehta (CC ‘22) announced that thanks to VP Policy Krishna Menon (CC ‘22) and Class of 2023 President Charlie Wallace, the long-awaited expansion survey would go out to the student body on Monday, March 28, 2022. Other E-board members shared updates that ranged from how CCSC can materially support Bacchanal and its festivities this coming Saturday to a budding Financial Policy Task Force, which VP Finance Marcus Ortiz (CC’ 23) invited other members to join. As usual, after E-board updates, G-body members shared their individual updates.

The first major item on the agenda was a proposed VP Equity Amendment presented by Religion Representative Mohammad Khalil (CC ‘22). Khalil explained that the amendment calls for a position to be added to the E-board that represents the work of the Identity and Diversity (ID) task force. He shared that in the past, this was a rotating position which caused chaos and inefficiency, so the push for one permanent representative to be a liaison between the E-board and the ID task force would presumably rectify some of those issues. Khalil noted that there would be some content overlap between this position and any of the identity representatives, so they would be working with both the ID task force and these individuals. President Mehta then made a motion to discuss. A few members (including Mehta) expressed some confusion about how this new permanent position would operate in practice, especially since according to Mehta, the E-board communicates very well. In the past, the only reason for issues with ID was a result of the working relationship between the actual task force and the E-board. University Senator Colby King (CC ‘22) offered that he agrees that VP Equity should be a permanent position, especially considering it would all but ensure a person of color on the E-board, while the other positions lend themselves to less diverse demographics. A larger conversation continued in regards to running for this position on a separate ticket, which seemed to be a cause of both confusion and contention, specifically concerning the language of the amendment surrounding collaboration. Ultimately, discussion of the VP Equity amendment ended when a motion was put forward to split the vote on the position itself as well as how the position is filled. The vote on the position passed unanimously, while the vote on if the position should be elected separately narrowly failed. 

The second item on the agenda was the expansion survey, which has been in the works for several weeks now. President Mehta shared that the Student Life task force completely overhauled the expansion survey and that she offered time for members to look the survey over one last time before it was to be released on March 28. Ultimately, members decided to scrap the diversity portion of the expansion survey after members voiced that diversity is a larger issue that cannot be understood at its full breadth in the context of expansion. The conversation came to an end near 9:30 pm when Class of 2024 President Erick Zent (CC ‘24) made a motion to end the discussion.

The meeting ended with a quick Senate presentation addressing Anti-Asian Hate. University Senator Brandon Shi (CC ‘22) shared that along with University Senator Colby King and a senator from the Teacher’s College, they wanted to bring up the initiative to the G-body and make room for suggestions and recommendations. Shi concluded by saying that members were free to share suggestions at that moment or to message him privately. 

See you next week!