This week’s agenda included a GSSC x Deans Town Hall, with Dean Rogers, Dean Rosener, and Dean Rosen-Metch in attendance, and GS academic updates.

Student Body President Serengeti Timungwa, GS ‘22, started this week’s meeting by welcoming Dean Rogers, Dean Rosener, and Dean Rosen-Metch to the GSSC Town Hall. Timungwa also expressed the desire of GSSC to have more Town Hall meetings, noting that in the past, it has been difficult due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In response to Timungwa, Dean Rosen-Metch said that the GS deans were glad to be back in person and were in the process of making sure that the Class of 2022 will have a “great” Class Day on Monday, May 16th. This year marks the 75th anniversary of GS, so there is an increased prioritization of in-person celebrations for alumni and GS students to be recognized and celebrated.

One question posed to the deans regarded how Dual BA GS students are provided with kitchens but are without meal plans. It was expressed that many GS students find themselves in need of affordable lunch options on campus but struggle to find any. A noted example was Chef Mike’s Sub Shop’s recent price increase.

To this, Dean Rogers responded that the GS administration has been in close contact with Columbia Dining to advocate for GS students. However, the issue has not yet been fully resolved, as this matter also relates to financial aid. The change made to the Uris Deli to create the Sub Shop was made by Columbia Dining to make the Uris dining experience better, though some may be unhappy with the change.

It was said that the GS administration’s highest priority was fundraising for financial aid, with deans noting that it aligns with GS’s goals of academic excellence and providing 100% of student need. Last year GS raised almost $15 million in financial aid compared to previous years’ average of between $5-6 million.

Finally, the deans announced that Cognitive Science will be added as a new undergraduate major available to GS students, as well as CC and Barnard. There will be a major Open House, where all departments will be having events to display what their major has to offer.

GSSC banner via Bwog Archives